elizabeth r chen

alumna of UM
math (PhD, MS)
women's studies (grad certificate)

communal living experiences
owen house (2000-2001)
henderson house (2001-2003)
martha cook building (2003-2005)
north campus coop (2005-2008)

design your own powerpuff girl

math papers
“dense crystalline dimer packings of regular tetrahedra”
F2.color.600dpi.pdf [64.5MB]
F2.color.300dpi.pdf [26.0MB]
F2.color.appendix.pdf [110KB]

“scientists take on tetrahedral packing puzzle”
new york times / 2010 january 05 / science

screenshot of tetrahedral packing [4.0MB] with density D > .856347

“a dense packing of regular tetrahedra”
discrete & computational geometry, 40 (2), 214-240 (2008)
B9.color.600dpi.pdf [31.7MB]
B9.color.300dpi.pdf [12.4MB]

“a picturebook of tetrahedral packings”
math.abstract.pdf [30.7KB]
math.thesis.600dpi.pdf [323MB]
math.thesis.300dpi.pdf [123MB]

screenshot of tetrahedral packing [31.7MB] with density D > .7786157

“packing pyramids: UM and ann arbor”
ann arbor chronicle / 2010 february 14

“tetrahedron workshop”
metropolitan NY section of the mathematical association of america

मण्डलबेथ [maṇḍalabeth] 3D & 4D fractals”
3D & 4D analogs of the mandelbrot set

“symmetry groups * (mandelbrot set + borromean rings)”
मण्डलबेथ [maṇḍalabeth].pdf [138MB]

“vector calculus formulae”
vector.calculus.formulae.pdf [182KB]
computer programs
mac os x applications
“πολύἑδρον” [polyhedron]
Cocoa Objective-C application
πολύἑδρον.64.zip Mac OS X 10.5+ (64-bit intel) [391KB]
πολύἑδρον.32.zip Mac OS X 10.2+ (32-bit universal) [458KB]

“τρίγωνον groups” [trigōnon groups]
trigroup.html desktop background pictures

screenshot of πολύἑδρον [391KB]

“πολύχωρος” [polykhōros]
Cocoa Objective-C application
πολύχωρος.64.zip Mac OS X 10.5+ (64-bit intel) [280KB]
πολύχωρος.32.zip Mac OS X 10.2+ (32-bit universal) [360KB]

“τετράἑδρον groups” [tetrahedron groups]
tetragroup.html desktop background pictures

screenshot of πολύχωρος [280KB]

Cocoa Java application
checkers2D.zip Mac OS X 10.2+ (Intel/PowerPC) [127KB]
new version ¡coming soon!

screenshot of checkers2D [127KB]

“all you can eat! meal plan”
virtual models & graphic design
a recruitment banner for north campus coop
virtual.models.zip [1.7MB] (Mathematica 6 source files)
graphic.design.pdf [7.1MB]
graphic.design.png [6.0MB]

screenshot of virtual fridge [1.7MB]

women composers
“women composers concerts + feminist pedagogy = ?”
womens.studies.abstract.pdf [30.7KB]
womens.studies.framing.statement.pdf [48.8KB]
womens.studies.thesis.pdf [134KB]
appendix A: programs.flyers.pdf [5.3MB]
appendix B: keyboard.works.1700.pdf [134KB]

“women composers concerts: programs & flyers”
programs.flyers.pdf [5.3MB]

original artwork by sarah nietfeld
poster design by lena nietfeld

“keyboard works by women composers (born after 1700)”
keyboard.works.1700.pdf [134KB]

screenshot of virtual piano [1.7MB]

“compositrici italiane secolari”
Keynote 4 presentation (requires Mac OS X)
an active participation classroom activity, for 2nd year italian course
presentation.zip [115MB]
student.handout.pdf [35.1KB]
presenter.script.pdf [65.8KB]

portrait of barbara strozzi (1619-1677)

fun & games
“checkers-chess variations”
checkers.chess.variations.pdf [29.5KB]

“pingpong variations”
pingpong.variations.pdf [28.1KB]

screenshot of virtual pingpong [1.7MB]

indoeuropean morphology
nouns (under construction)
verbs (under construction)
feminist films
what % of the story is told from a female perspective?
what % of the main characters are female?
      how are the women portrayed?
      do they have power, choice or agency?
how are women's relationships with other women?
      is there friendship or a sense of sisterhood?
      do the women work together or help each other?
how are women's relationships with men?
does the film raise issues of interest to women or feminists?
does it go beyond the individual, and also give broader messages about society?