Ben King

Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the University of Michigan.

Jazz Transcriptions

Finished transcriptions:

I generally have a lot more transcriptions in progress than I do completed, but I try to get the complete ones up here. Here are some of the ones I'm working on:

  • Kenny Garrett -- solo from Human Nature (Miles Davis's Live Around the World)
  • Joshua Redman -- solo from Jig-a-Jug (Spirit of the Moment)
  • Geri Allen -- solo from Revelation (The Detroit Experiment)
  • Gerald Clayton -- solo from Strasbourg St. Denis (Earfood)
  • Robert Glasper -- introduction from Always Shine (Black Radio)

Latin Translation

In my undergraduate years, I submitted a translation from a section of Virgil's Aeneid to Michigan's "Contexts for Classics Translation Contest". I ended up winning my particular division with my translation of The Tale of Hercules and Cacus into iambic tetrameter. Here is the original text from Book 8, if you're interested.

Some context on the segment translated: the recently arrived Trojans are the guest of King Evander, who relates the tale of Hercules' victory over the monster Cacus, and explains how it inspired the festival they celebrate annually.

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