LING 512 Fall 1998

Instructor: José Benkí

TTh 10-11:30am, 3504 Frieze


This course is an introduction to phonetics. We will discuss how speech is produced, what it sounds like, how it is perceived, and how these activities relate to the phonological structure of utterances and particular languages.


This course is part of the required courses for the linguistics Ph.D. program, and the principle audience is the 1st year class of linguistics Ph.D. students. We will cover a lot of material in this course, because for some of you, this may be the only exposure to phonetics some of you will receive, while others require a solid foundation for continuing further work.






Important dates

Sept 8 Syllabus, preliminaries

Oct 13 Halfway point of the term. The midterm exam will likely take place around here.

Dec 10 Last day of class

Dec 16 Final exams due at 5pm



List of topics

Introduction to acoustics and fourier analysis


Laryngeal and pulmonic anatomy; the source-filter theory of speech production


Supralaryngeal anatomy


Acoustics and production of vowels, consonants, suprasegmentals


Introduction to hearing


Speech perception




Phonetic theories:

Motor Theory, Direct Realism, Acoustic Invariance, QTS, H&H, TRACE, Articulatory Phonology