Matthew Belz

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, where I study Electrical and Computer Engineering and am advised by Dr. Michael Flynn. I graduated from The Ohio State University and was fortunate to be a member of the Circuit Laboratory for Advanced Sensors and Systems, advised by Dr. Waleed Khalil. I recently worked in the SoC lab at NASA JPL developing integrated circuits for space sensing.

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My research interest is the intersection of mixed signal and RF circuit design and the development of high-speed integrated circuits--specifically PLL and ADC design. I am also interested in the development of design automation to assist analog designers as transistors become less predictable analytically. My undergraduate honors thesis examined the development of a 28 GHz wide tuning-range LC-VCO for use in 5G designs.


Optimal Component Selection for mm-Wave VCOs using Evolutionary Algorithms
Matthew Belz, Michael Kines, Shahriar Rashid, Brian Dupaix, Shane Smith, and Waleed Khalil
GOMAC Tech, 2019

Optimization of Voltage Controlled Oscillator using Genetic Algorithms

Nanoscale Electronic Conditioning for Improvement of Nanowire Light-Emitting-Diode Efficiency
Brelon J. May, Matthew R. Belz, Arshad Ahamed, A.T.M.G. Sarwar, Camelia M. Selcu, Roberto C. Myers
ACS Nano, 2018

Investigation of applying short time overload currents through nanowire arrays to "burn out" low impedance nanowires resulting in higher efficneicies.


A Multifunction Transmitter based on a Fully-Digital CMOS/GaN Architecture in DAHI Technology
Matthew LaRue, Taylor Barton, Matthew Belz, Shahriar Rashid, Brian Dupaix, Todd James, William Gouty, Paul Watson, Tony Quatch, Waleed Khalil
GOMAC Tech, 2018

This paper presents an integrated outphasing transmitter based on a fully-digital architecture and implemented in a heterogeneous process technology. The transmitter consists of four independent channels having CMOS phase modulators driving digital GaN PAs. For multifunction operation, multiple channels are combined off-chip, with in-phase combining for high-power telemetry signals and outphasing used for amplitude-modulated communications signals. The full paper is not public release (US Persons only), only this abstract was cleared for release.

Hobby Projects

Battery Analysis Device
Matthew Belz, 2016

Designed a precision data aquistion system with programmable load and charging to determine the health of LiFePO4 battery cells. Started as a hobby project and then was funded by Ohio State through the STEP program, which graciously provided funding for necessary test equipment and manufacturing.

Course Projects

Efficient Multi-Bit Neural Networks
Matthew Belz, 2018

Final project for ECE 5194.08--VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems. I reviewed the current techniques used for neural net hardware acceleration and a proposed an extenstion of a hardware accelerator used for binary neural networks for ternary and two-bit networks.

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