Patrice Speeter Beddor
Patrice Speeter Beddor

Research Interests

Primary research areas:

  • phonetics: coarticulation, acoustic phonetics, speech perception
  • relation between phonetics and phonology
The phonological behavior of speech sounds (e.g., which sounds co-occur in a language, which sounds combine to form syllables and words, and which contrasts between sounds remain stable vs. change over time) is influenced by the phonetic requirements that these sounds can be articulated in rapid sequence by the human vocal apparatus and systematically perceived as different by the human auditory system. At the same time, speakers' articulation and listeners' perception are influenced by their experience with the unique phonological system(s) of their native language(s). My research explores aspects of these relations between phonetics and phonology, especially as they relate to coarticulation. Experimentally, my work falls within the fields of articulation, acoustics, and speech perception. Theoretically, the issues I address often pertain to problems in acoustic theory, perceptual theory, and theories of sound change. The links below describe four research projects in greater detail.