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As of 1 JULY 2003

Page 2.

Paragraph 2. Lines 2-3. Delete "1,200mm or 48" ". Substitute "900mm or 36" ".

25mm games at Historicon ‘03 will continue to use the original 4 foot square board until the there has been time to get player opinion on this change for tournaments.

Paragraph 5. Line 3. Delete "garrisoned". Substitute "occupied".

This the first of a number of changes to improve the use of these terms. "Occupied" just means inside the BUA while "Garrison" implies a number of things concerning the element such as its getting the combat factor. Any troop element can occupy a BUA, but only certain ones, under certain conditions, can be a garrison.

Page 4.

Paragraph 10. Line 5. Add "Since they could fight all-round, they count the first edge in contact as their front edge when in close combat".

War-wagons will not turn to face attackers on the flank and rear, even if there is no frontal contact. The contacts must be otherwise legal. For the flank this is front-corner to front-corner. The attacked edge "becomes" the front so all overlap rules would apply. The side and rear only "count" as front in close combat, the WWg still use the front edge for movement measurement and moving in a group.

Page 6.

Paragraph 4. Line 2. Insert "or Road" after "BUA".

This allows the Defender to choose to use a road instead of a BUA as the compulsory feature for an arable army.. Note that only two roads are allowed even though roads can satisfy the compulsory requirement and the optional one. There can not be more than two of any of the optional features. The road is left as an optional choice for the player who takes the BUA as compulsory.

Paragraph 7.

Line 3. Delete "all". Substitute "part of".

This makes determining when an element is up hill easier.

Line 5. Add "Elements in a Wood or Oasis cannot shoot at targets also in it".

Thus, shooters entirely inside of a Wood or Oasis cannot shoot.

Paragraph 8. Line 4. Delete "1 battlefield …edge". Substitute "2 battlefield edges".
This puts the BUA in a corner of the board

Page 7.

Paragraph 2.

Line 2. Delete "6". Substitute "4".

Lines 4-5. Delete ". It must include". Substitute "around".

Line 5. Insert "single" before "troop". Delete "and". Substitute ". It must".

These changes reduce the size of a camp and make the structure more explicit.

Delete "on a". Substitute "on its side’s". Insert "base" after "beach".

This clarifies that each player’s camp must be on its own board edge.

Paragraph 3.

Lines 4-5. Delete "or recoil into".

This change is needed because elements that recoil into any CAMP or BUA are destroyed.

Paragraph 5.

Line 1. Delete "other than War Wagons".

Allows WWg to garrison a BUA

Paragraph 5. Line 2 and Paragraph 6. Line 5. Delete "+4".

The tactical factor for defending a BUA is now +3 but the text now omits mention of the factor.



Paragraph 6.

Line 4. Insert "5 or" before "6".

Line 5. Insert "and cannot shoot or be shot at" after "factor".

An element that enters a BUA after close combat now needs a 5 or a 6 to become a garrison and get the tactical factor. An element that is sacking the BUA cannot shoot or be shot at. Note that the BUA sacking rules apply to both the Invader and the Defender, if the latter counterattacks and takes back the BUA.

Page 8.

Paragraph 1.

Line 3. Delete "that". Substitute "either of the 2 edges".

Invader cannot make the preferred side either of those two closest to the BUA.

Line 9. Insert "deployed" after "its".

Only troops deployed on the board can be switched, not those reserved for a littoral landing.

Paragraph 4. Line 2. Insert "or movement into, out-of or through a BUA." after "dismounting".

An extra PIP for any element moving in a BUA, this applies to elements moving on a road or an element moving through an unoccupied BUA, or one that is just exiting or entering.

Line 6. Insert "an element other than the general’s and" after "If".

The general’s own element does not need an extra PIP in these situations, just the other elements when then general is in them. Note that a General does need an extra PIP to move in a BUA per previous change.

Page 9.

Paragraph 4.

Line 2. Delete "or face". Substitute "or line up facing".

Clarifies what an element crossing enemy front must do. Note that the Crossing the Front rule does NOT apply if an element is moving straight forward or straight back is already aligned with the enemy as it is not then crossing the front.

Line 3. Delete "to retire". Substitute "move only".

Clarifies that an element crossing the front of an enemy can move to its rear but must do so for the full move, not change direction after leaving the Base Width Distance Area.

Paragraph 7.

Line 2. Delete "moves…off-road". Substitute "for that part of a move that is".

Line 3. Insert "or camp" after "BUA". Delete "immediately outside".

This clarifies movement into and out of a BUA and adds camp; measure movement as to or from the edge, like shooting. Thus an element can make a measured move up to an BUA, go through without measurement, and then make a further measured move from the exiting edge. An element already in a BUA can sortie from the BUA by just measuring from the edge and fully enter a friendly unoccupied BUA by just moving to the edge. All such moves now take an extra PIP per amendment on PIP use.


Paragraph 10.

Line 2. Delete "retire to their own rear or".

Line 3. Delete "do". Substitute "will".

The first item allows elements that have made a move to their rear to now do a second and subsequent move. The second change clarifies that Light Horse may make a first move in a bound from anywhere and it is only the second move that is restricted to not being within a Base Width of an enemy.

Page 10.

Paragraph 1.

Line 3. Insert "in a camp or War-Wagons" after "BUA".

This gives Camps and WWg 360 degree shooting. A WWg does not have an area of shooting with a base width on either side as does a Bow or Art. There is a 200p oval around the outside of the WWg that is the area of shooting.

Line 7. Delete "then" and 2nd "target".

Just changes to help Phil make the text fit.

Paragraph 2.

Lines 7-8. Delete "If a 3rd element…recoils." Substitute "A 3rd element is pushed back clear."

If a column of 3 elements is contacted in the flank, the front 2 will turn to face the attacker. The third element previously recoiled but now is just moved back enough to allow the turn. This should be at most 10 mm. Any elements of either sider side behind or in any angle will also be moved back. If there is terrain that prevents the move or if the element moves off the battlefield, it is destroyed.


Paragraph 4.

Line 3. Delete "War-Wagons". Insert "if shooting" after "Artillery".

War Wagons no longer +4 +4 and Artillery are so only for shooting.

Line 4. Delete "or". Insert "or War-Wagons" after "Pikes".

War Wagons now fight +3 and +4

Line 8. Insert "Artillery if in close combat." After "Psiloi".

Artillery fight close combat at +2

Paragraph 5.

Line 4. Delete "or attacking a BUA".

Paragraph 6.

Line 1. Insert "or attacking a BUA or camp" after "troops".

Both of these allow second ranks to fight against the BUA

Paragraph 7.

Line 2. Change "+4" to "+3".

Reduces tactical factor of Garrison and Denizens

Line 6. Change "-corner" to "-front corner".

Line 7. Insert "full front edge contact with" before "rear".

Clarifies what arrangements qualify for the -1 combat factor

Line 9. Insert ", Warband" after "Bows".

Exempts Warbands from the -2 in Bad Going


Page 11.

Paragraph 3.

Line 14. (Start counting lines with 1 as "If its total is less" )

Delete "flee". Substitute "recoil".

Psiloi now only recoil when just beaten

Lines 9, 10-11, 16, 17. Change "garrisoning a BUA" to " in a BUA or Camp".

Clarifies that Warband In Camp or BUA do not destroy enemy they just beat and Hordes in Camp or BUA are destroyed if beaten.

Line 19. Insert "or if in a BUA or Camp" after "Elephants".

War Wagon is destroyed if just beaten in a Camp or BUA

Paragraph 5.

Line 1. Insert "(width if less)" after "depth".

Elements do not recoil more than a base width if depth is more

Delete "any friends it meets". Substitute "friends met".

Lines 2-3. Delete "If not and it meets…except". Substitute ""If it is not Elephants, friends facing in the same direction are interpenetrated if allowed, otherwise pushed back unless".

Clarifies that Elephants destroy those they recoil into and Elephants that recoil into them; Elephants destroy each other.

Line 4. Insert "unless from a BUA" after "rear edge".

Shooting on a rear edge from a BUA does not destroy target if it loses. Target will recoil toward shooter in that case.

Line 5. Delete "a troop garrisoned friendly". Substitute "any".

Recoil into any BUA or Camp destroys recoiler. This supercedes the rule on page &, para 3, line 4-5 regarding recoilers.

Line 6. Delete "the recoiling". Substitute "a recoiling or pushed- back".

Means that element that is pushed back, behind recoiler, has same effect on enemy behind as the recoiler would. The pushed back element is not destroyed if it meets enemy, only the recoiler is destroyed if the recoil cannot be completed. Pushed back element would be destroyed only if it were pushed off the battlefield.

Line 7. Delete "or contacted…only". Substitute ", or on a side edge by its rear corner, or on a rear corner by its rear edge".

Clarifies what parts of recoiler or pushed back element hitting what parts of rear enemy cause the enemy to also be destroyed. Note that edges and corners are distinct entities. An edge is the straight part of the element: back, sides and front. The corner is just the pointed part where two edges meet.

Paragraph 7.

Line 2. Change "providing it with" to "that gave".

Rear ranks of Warband that gave support in the previous close combat will follow front rank if it pursues a breakoff.

Insert "(width if less)" after "depth".

Pursuers will not advance greater than a base width if depth is more. Note that the second rank of Warband, whatever depth, will always follow and keep in contact with the front rank that pursues.

Line 3. Change "garrisoning" to "in".


BIG BATTLE changes

Page 51.

Paragraph 5.

Lines 2-3. Delete "The defender…remaining command". Substitute " The defender deploys all

commands, then the invader. Each element not in a BUA or camp must be within 1,200 paces of its command’s general. The defender’s 0-2 element pair exchange can be between non-allied commands".

Now there is not alternating of placement, all Defender then all Invader. Phil hopes this will encourage all players to have an advanced plan prior to deployment. The placement of commands is restricted to prevent elements at great distances from their generals. The element position exchange can be between commands not just within commands but if by allied commands the exchange must be within the command.

Paragraph 11. Line 3. Delete ", or an…demoralised,".

Now loss of the CinC while demoralizing his command and requiring additional PIPs for movement, does not lose the game.

Note: "Within" is defined by the Concise Oxford Dictionary (and us) as "Not further off than".

Shows that an element at recoils a base width is still within a base width. At or inside a base width.