1st JULY 2003

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Page 2. Paragraph 2. Lines 2-3. Delete "1,200mm or 48" ". Substitute "900mm or 36" ".

Paragraph 5. Line 3. Delete "garrisoned". Substitute "occupied".

Page 4. Paragraph 10. Line 5. Add "Since they could fight all-round, they count the first edge in contact as their front edge when in close combat".

Page 6. Paragraph 4. Line 2. Insert "or Road" after "BUA".

Paragraph 7. Line 3. Delete "all". Substitute "part of".

Line 5. Add "Elements in a Wood or Oasis cannot shoot at targets also in it".

Paragraph 8. Line 4. Delete "battlefield ... edge". Substitute "2 battlefield edges".

Page 7. Paragraph 2. Line 2. Delete "6". Substitute "4".

Lines 4-5. Delete "It must include". Substitute "around".

Line 5. Insert "single" before "troop". Delete "and". Substitute "It must".

Delete "on a". Substitute "on its side's". Insert "base" after "beach".

Paragraph 5. Line1. Delete "other than War Wagons".

Paragraph 5. Line 2 and Paragraph 6. Line 5. Delete "+4".

Paragraph 6. Line 4. Insert "5 or" before "6".

Line 5. Insert "and cannot shoot or be shot at" after "factor".

Page 8. Paragraph 1. Line 3. Delete "that". Substitute "either of the 2 edges".

Line 9. Insert "deployed" after "its".

Paragraph 4. Line 2. Insert "or movement into, out-of or through a BUA." after "dismounting".

Line 6. Insert "an element other than the general's and" after "If".

Page 9. Paragraph 4. Line 2. Delete "or face". Substitute "or line up facing".

Line 3. Delete "to retire". Substitute "move only".

Paragraph 7. Line 2. Delete "moves ... off-road". Substitute "for that part of a move that is".

Line 3. Insert "or camp" after "BUA". Delete "immediately outside".

Paragraph 10. Line 2. Delete "retire to their own rear or".

Line 3. Delete "do". Substitute "will".

Page 10. Paragraph 1. Line 3. Insert "in a camp or War-Wagons" after "BUA".

Line 7. Delete "then" and 2nd "target".

Paragraph 2. Lines 7-8. Delete "If a 3rd element...recoils." Substitute "A 3rd element is pushed back clear."

Paragraph 4. Line 3. Delete "War-Wagons". Insert "if shooting" after "Artillery".

Line 4. Delete "or". Insert "or War-Wagons" after "Pikes".

Line 8. Insert "Artillery if in close combat." after "Psiloi".

Paragraph 5. Line 4. Delete "or attacking a BUA".

Paragraph 6. Line 1. Insert "or attacking a BUA or camp" after "troops".

Paragraph 7. Line 2. Change "+4" to "+3".

Line 6. Change "-corner" to "-front corner".

Line 7. Insert "full front edge contact with" before "rear".

Line 9. Insert ", Warband" after "Bows".

Page 11. Paragraph 3. Line 14. Delete "flee". Substitute "recoil".

Lines 9, 10-11, 16, 17. Change "garrisoning a BUA" to " in a BUA or Camp".

Line 19. Insert "or if in a BUA or Camp" after "Elephants".

Paragraph 5. Line 1. Insert "(width if less)" after "depth". Delete "any friends it meets".

Substitute "friends met".

Lines 2-3. Delete "If not, and it meets ... except". Substitute "If it is not Elephants, friends facing

in the same direction are interpenetrated if allowed, otherwise pushed back unless".

Line 4. Insert "unless from a BUA" after "rear edge".

Line 5. Delete "a troop garrisoned friendly". Substitute "any".

Line 6. Delete "the recoiling". Substitute "a recoiling or pushed- back".

Line 7. Delete "or contactedonly". Substitute ", or on a side edge by its rear corner,

or on a rear corner by its rear edge".

Paragraph 7. Line 2. Change "providing it with" to "that gave". Insert "(width if less)" after "depth".

Line 3. Change "garrisoning" to "in".

Page 51. Paragraph 5. Lines 2-3. Delete "The defender ... remaining command". Substitute " The defender deploys all commands, then the invader. Each element not in a BUA or camp must be within 1,200 paces of its command's general. The defender's 0-2 element pair exchange can be between non-allied commands".

Paragraph 11. Line 3. Delete ", or and ... demoralised,".


Note: "Within" is defined by the Concise Oxford Dictionary (and us) as "Not further off than (a certain distance)".