Roster based on DBA armies: 4 of each but elements combined into commands as preferred by CinC of each army

Roman: 2 commands of 12 blades and 4 velites (Bd generals), 1 command of 8 cavalry including general, reserve in fort 8 spears

Pyrrhos: Right- 4 pikes, 4 LH and Kn general; center - 12 pike, 4 spear, Kn general; left - 4 spear, 4 aux, 1 art, Kn general; flank march - 2 el, 5 cav inc general, 5 Ps. Each DBA army has an elephant but DBM list gives 2 max so substituted Art and extra Ps. One Kn changed to Cv.

Results: At closing time, the Pyrrhic Light Horse command and the flank march were broken (1/2 losses) as was the Roman center. The Roman right was 2 elements away. The Pyrrhic center had lost some elements too but not near as close as Roman right to breaking. Given that the Romans were so close to losing 1/ 2 of total army and that Pyrrhos had two broken commands, we called it a pyrrhic victory.

NOTE that most of the figures in these pictures are 15-20 years old, MiniFigs, Garrison, and Hincliffe but they still look pretty good on the wargame table.