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[Ojo Azul]

Welcome to My page. I will not apologize or say it's under construction, I'll just say that I plan to update it as time goes by, and time permits. At the right you can see me at Ojo Azul Blue Eye The place the sun shines on first in Mexico.

{StarFall Graphic Charicature}

One of my hobbies is computer programing, long ago, in a universe far, far away, using Turbo Pascal I made a computer program based on a board game called StarFall. To access Starfall: Starfall

I've not been able to shake the coding bug and once again decided to revisit the Starfall project in order to bring it into the new millenia. First I had to learn a new language.  I chose Visual Basic, part of Visual Studio from Microsoft, but I had to learn other things like: How do I make a realistic looking planet or space ship? Later, how do I make a web page with a working shopping cart to promote and distribute my software? What about help files? Why not make a screen saver? It was a great adventure. With those tools I've made an updated version of the computer game many of you have come to know and love. For more info check: ParsecsUnlimited.Com

<Bees in the Hive>

Another of my hobbies is Beekeeping,You can often find me peering into beehives or chasing swarms in the neighborhood during the spring swarm season.  If you find yourself suddenly surrounded by a cloud of bees, don't panic, contact me for assistance.   Beekeeper

<The University of Michigan>

I studied Physics in college, B.S. in Physics 1989 from the University of Michigan. Later I became an engineer working in the Electrical Engineering Dept. at U of M. I collaborated with many talented students and researchers on many projects during that period.  Here are some highlights:

Remote Control of Insect Flight

Silicon Microelectrodes with Flexible Integrated Cables for Neural Implant Applications

A Novel Diamond Microprobe for Neuro-Chemical and -Electrical Recording in Neural Prosthesis

Development of a Microscale Implantable Neural Interface (MINI) Probe System

[Wirebonder in action]

I have a small business I have started for micro-electronic packaging needs and concerns. This business builds upon my micro assembly skills to provide quality prototype service to clients throughout Southeastern Michigan. Read about ProtoConnect LLC: ProtoConnect

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