Location of Belle Isle Park

Map 1 - Belle Isle is about three miles from downtown Detroit. It is located at the source of the Detroit River at Lake St. Clair.

Map 2 - All roads lead to Belle Isle! -- or at least to downtown Detroit. From the north you can come by way of I-75, I-94, or M-10 (the Lodge Freeway). From the south come via I-75. From the west I-94 and US-12 (Michigan Avenue), lead to downtown Detroit.

In this map each small square is one mile on a side.

Map 3 - From Windsor you will need to take the Ambassador Bridge or the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel (dashed line) to reach Detroit. In Windsor you will be on Highway 3 or Highway 3B, respectively. Whatever your route to near downtown Detroit, you will need to get to Jefferson Avenue East to reach the bridge to Belle Isle.

Map 4 - Jefferson Avenue East will take you to the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle, or if you are on E. Grand Blvd. going southeast, just continue onto the bridge.

Map 5 - The Douglas MacArthur Bridge takes you to the west end of the island. The perimeter road on the island is one-way counterclockwise. There are numerous interior roads, all one-way. See Belle Isle Park maps for road details, marked trails, and locations of parking areas, restrooms, and attractions.

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