Once apon a time there was a swallow and a duck. The swallow's name was Shut-up. The duck's name was Trouble. One day Trouble and Shut-up went to the park to play hide-and-go-seek. Trouble was hiding. Shut-up looked everywhere for Trouble but couldn't find him. Then it started to get dark, but Shut-up kept looking for Trouble with no luck. Shut-up was still searching when he bumped into a park ranger, who happened to be a cardinal. The park ranger said, "What's your name kid?" Shut-up answered, "Shut-up." The park ranger repeated his question, raising his voice a tad, and, much to his dismay, he received the same response, "Shut-up." The park ranger became angry and asked the swallow if he was looking for trouble. Shut-up quickly replied, "Yeah! Can you help me find him?"

-- by Cody Burkett, Phoenix, AZ

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