Corporate sponsorship of bird names

As I understand it from the TexBirds archives, Bret Whitney recently (February 1999) donated to the Texas Audubon Society the right to name a new bird he discovered in the Amazon (Brazil). It's an Thamnophilus. The Texas Audubon Society will hold an auction, and the winning bidder will be able to name the bird. The proceeds of the auction are to be used for conservation in the US and Brazil. Example (if not appropriate) names might be Bubba's Robin (Turdus bubba) or Green Robin (Turdus virescens) or Two-striped Robin (Turdus bistriatus).

Well, I could not help myself. Imagine if avian taxonomy followed down the path of corporate sponsorship - much like the current college football bowls.

Carl D. Langefeld, Ann Arbor, Michigan

If corporations/associations were allowed to sponsor bird species...

The American Psychiatric Association Common Loon
The Wonder Bra Booby
D.O.C. Sexy-Spectacled Eider
Rogaine Turkey Vulture
Hair Club for Men Bald Eagle

Vick's Formula 44 Whooping Crane
The American Association of Podiatrists Jacana
Hanes Greater Yellowlegs
Richard Simmons Lesser Yellowlegs
Schick Razorbill

Folger's Mourning Dove
The American Psychological Association Cuckoo
Grecian Formula Great Owl (formerly known as Great Gray Owl)
Ball's Nightjar
North American Association of Funeral Director's Chuck-will's-widow

Nike Swift
FTD Florist's Hummingbird
Planter's Acorn Woodpecker
Black and Decker Woodpecker
Eastern Airlines Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (failed ad campaign)

Sucrets Red-Throated Becard
Listerine Swallow
American Association of Clinical Psychologists Nutcracker
IBM Bluebird
Perrier Water Pipit

Chicago Cutlery Shrike
Visine Red-eyed Vireo
GE Ovenbird
Minnesota Fabric's Weaver Finch
Coors Brewer's Blackbird

Mary Kay Cosmetics Painted Bunting
Better Homes and Garden House Finch
AAA Towhee
Frito-Lay Chipping Sparrow

-- by Carl D. Langefeld, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Inspired by Carl's creativity Cody Burkett (Phoenix, AZ) has come up with some corporate sponsorships of his own:

Buick Wren (formerly Bewick's)
Buick Skylark
Ford Falcon

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