Taking in a movie

A reclusive fellow was out walking his pet duck one Sunday afternoon. Upon passing the local Movie Theatre, he noticed that a new film was playing.

He really wanted to see the film, but the last show was just about to start, and there wasn't enough time to take his duck back home. Without thinking it through, he opened his coat, stuffed the duck down the front of his pants, bought a ticket and went in. He sat way in the back, but as luck would have it, two teenage girls came in a few minutes later and sat right next to him.

About halfway through the film, the poor duck gets tired of being confined and starts to flap. The guy pulls down his zipper and the duck sticks his head out for a sorely needed breath of fresh air.

A short time later, one of the girls says to the other "This pervert next to me has his thing out!"

"Relax," says her friend, " Just ignore him."

"I'm trying to," says the first girl, "But the damn thing is eating my popcorn!"

-- from that great joke factory in the sky

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