Rare birds

Good bird names preferably include the name of some part of the bird.

Pencil-necked Geek
Brown-nosed Patronizer
Eagle-eyed Auditor
Blue-haired Pinocle
Harpy Supervisor
Three-toed Woodcutter
Ruffled Spouse
Least Aware

  -- from Garrett Albright, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Great Blue Herring

  -- from Susan Falcone, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Work-eating Warbler

  -- from Al Brushaber, Saline, Michigan

Northern Nagging-Wife Ruffed Spouse

  -- from Name Withheld, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Old Coot
Dirty Turncoat
Hard-to Swallow
Double-edged Swordbill
Gray-headed Geezer
European Darling
Shiftless Nare-do-well
American Upstart
Warbling Weirdo
Tokilla Mockingbird
Level-headed Preacher
Common Gripe
Little Cuckoo
Simple-minded Peasant
Thick-headed Boor
Very Swift
Solitary Bagpiper
Semi-clothed Bagpiper
Green Treehugger

  -- from Brian Morin, Cornwall, Ontario

American Christmas Birds

Belted Singfisher (identified by its diagnostic Carols)
Fairy Woodpecker
Blue Joy
Tufted Giftmouse
Caroling Wren
Christmas Tree Sparrow
House Grinch
Easter Bluebird (incredibly, seen on a Christmas Bird Count! - December 16, 2006, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

  -- from Jochen Roeder, Germany

Southern Scandinavia and Northern Germany Christmas Birds

Rudolph Wagtail    description / picture
Santa Swan    description / picture
Elf Swan    description / picture
Rein Goose    description / picture

  -- from Jochen Roeder, Germany

Headless Stoolpigeon
Big-bellied Boozer
Gutless Praying-Chicken
Yellow-stripe-backed Skunk-Chicken
Ribbon-tailed Kite
Cold-hearted Miser
Kilted Fishbanger
Red-headed Double-breasted Mattress-Thrasher

  -- from Bruce Bowman, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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