enna's Page


Henna'a death on May 5th 2009 left me heart broken.  She was one of those special hounds and occupied a huge space in my life.  Steadfast and strong and reckless at play, I began to think of her as indestructible because she would never get injured.  She was the mother of the first litter I bred.  She was my first real show dog.  And she was the undisputed leader of the CuNeve` pack after Ciar and Blitz passed.  She was also the hound that looked out for me.  She would often come and check on me during the night as I slept.  She quietly kept track of me all the time.  Henna also loved to travel.  Always happy to be having a new adventure with her dad.   It's ironic that we became so close.  Soon after this little tank of a bitch came to me, Ciar was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  I resented having to look after a this new pup at a time when my champion Ciar needed my attention.  But she managed to capture my heart and the hearts of many others.  The double irony is that she too developed osteo just like Ciar who fostered her while dying because I was too sad to.  I miss you so much Henna.  There won't be another like you

This is Henna taking BOB at Novi!

Here is She winning the region VI championship!


A BIF run with a wolfie

Henna making the kill.

On March 22nd 2006, Henna whelped nine healthy puppies.  Istari is the sire.  He wasn't suppose to be but things didn't work out with the intended sire but nature found a way.  

At first they all just had colors that matched their little rick rack ribbon collars for names.  Yellow became Claire Voyant, Big Blue became Wendy O, Green became Nancy, Gold became Spider Nick (Syke), White became Buzz Sawyer, Silver became Silver Dragon (Lossie) Pink became Morgana, Red became Anarchy (Neve), and Baby Blue (the one we kept) became Jane Reaction.  This is the CuNeve' Ara litter