onner's Page

(Winter 1996)

Masha-Ku Ard "Donner" was my second deerhound. Quiet and thoughtful by nature, He was not athletic and was more concerned with keeping order than playing. He barked maybe four times in his whole life. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he commanded a lot of respect from other dogs that we would meet on our walks in the park. Other canines must have recognized his inner cool. Donner got to be quite well known because of our excursions in the local parks and his many appearances in parades and festivals. When Dasher came to live with us, he and Donner became fast friends and presented a united front that went unchallanged by other dogs in the park as they walked shoulder to shoulder. They were the deerhounds! So everyone had better watch out. Donner lived to age nine and left his legacy on my house-hold in the form of the many memories he created for all of us that knew him. We miss his quiet strengh

Me and Donner

(Summer 1988)