asher's Page

Dasher only lived with us for a short time. He was returned to his breeder along with his brother at the age of 5 1/2. He had lived a rather sad and confined existence, mainly staying in a small kitchen all day. When he came to me, he had never even seen stairs before. I had to teach him everything including his new name. He had been called Peabody before. Can you imagine that? Dasher was a quick study and learned everything I taught him with no problem. He was a very sweet natured dog and a fine ambassador for the breed. He graciously allowed Donner to be top dog with no argument whatsoever. He supported Donner wholeheartedly from the onset. On one occation, Donner got into a disagreement with a Rottweiler in the park. In an instant Dasher was there to support his buddy and they had that Rotty turning every which way but loose. Dasher's loyalty knew no bounds. He died suddenly after only six months with us. I wish he could have enjoyed his new life longer. He was such a fine dog. When he died, Donner could no longer be brave and remained sullen and quiet for the rest of his days
Dasher was always making friends