An Historical Note:

Early in the time of the griffon's
Actual existence, we crafted
An odd holiness. There were whelped long
Hounds, with a vision that could love the
Shy, subtle motions of light left by
Deer in those forests of softening
Horizons. Searching by deerlight, hounds
Lengthened into the branching calmness
Where nothing at all was owned except

By knowledge (as of the plans smaller
Creatures made in the civil mosses).

In a forest made lucid by deer
As if leaves were a plan for a text
Illuminated by feral monks
Who would keep their vows even though the
Light might harden against them. In that
Wide forest text hounds stopped reading
The paranoid old wolvish custom
Of huddling in dens. How kindly they
Bounded, predators as always but

Now with what dreamy, elegant strides!

(Vicki Hearne Princeton University press 1983.)

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