Blitz       (autumn 1997)

When Blitz came to live with me he was a crippled little puppy.  His mother had step on him in the whelp box at the tender age of two weeks and his left rear leg was shattered.  Pins and wires were put in and I took him home to begin his rehab with little hope that he would ever have a normal life.  He responded better then I had dared hope and he grew strong and agile enough to start coursing!  He was a natural athlete and did very well on the coursing field and became my first champion.  You can read all about our first time out coursing here. >btn10413.gif (1088 bytes)    

    Besides being an athlete, Blitz was a very handsome fellow.  I called Blitz my shinning happy boy.  Such was his cheerful demeanor and carefree attitude.  He was ever so kind and sweet when I brought home Ciar as a little puppy.  I think Blitz possessed the best of both worlds.  Keen yet gentle and smart. He lived ten years and died suddenly without any indication of illness.  How I miss that big shaggy figure watching me from the corner of the dinning room with those soft kind eyes filled with love.

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