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Students' Advising

Major Professor at the University of Georgia

Doctoral students

Huimin Ji (2007) “On the syntax of Chinese nominals”

Sasha Johnson (2008) “Acknowledging the Voice of Families: Metadiscourse and

Linguistic Identity of African American Speakers of AAE”

Master’s students

Amy Hernandez (2004) “Spanglish: A study of the features of bilingual speakers in Georgia”

Shih-Ju Young (2007) “Contact-Induced Changes from English (L2) to Mandarin Chinese (L1)”

Honors students

Rachel Lunney (2007) “To have and to haf: The development of a new verb”

Doctoral dissertations still in progress at the University of Georgia

Alberto Centeno Pulido (in progress) “On DP in Spanish and Catalán”

Soo Jung Chang (in progress) “Nominal structure and interpretation: On the syntax of the Korean Determiner Phrase”

Jiyoung Daniel (in progress) “On the nature of Netlingo in Korean and English”

Amy Hernandez (in progress) “On the features of Spanglish in Georgia”

Committee member at the University of Georgia

Doctoral dissertations (in chronological order)

Lisa Cohen Minnick (2002) “Dialect and dichotomy: A computational and critical approach to analyzing literary representation of African American speech”

Frederick James Pagniello III (2002) “The homeric augment: A deictic particle”

Susan Tamasi (2003) “Cognitive patterns of linguistic perception”

Tze Hui Lau (2004) “Topic chains as form and function: A ‘kitchen pidgin’ case study”

Alla Petrova Zareva (2004) “A model of lexical knowledge assessment of adult native and non-native speakers of English”

Othman Almeniei (2005) “What counts as language learning: Analysis of teacher-learner interactions in an English as a foreign classroom in Saudi Arabia”

Michele Hubbard Tibbs (2005) “Ethnocentrism and language endangerment in Uralic: The case of Ingrian-Finnish”

Marlene Kemp-Dynin (2005) “The ‘company’ words keep: A corpus-based analysis of collocational patterning in business terminology”

Sudarat Leerabhandh Hatfield (2005) “Lexical variation of Chiangmai dialect in Chiangmai province in Thailand”

Lamont Antieau (2006) "A distributional analysis of rural Colorado English"

Soyoung Kwon (2006) “Korpar: A rule-based dependency parser for Korean implemented in Prolog”

Iyabo Osiapem (2006) "Black English in Bermuda: Historical and current contexts"

Helga Wendelberger (2006) “Hide and seek: Quantitative authorship identification in language concealment”

Clayton Darwin (2008) “Construction and analysis of the University of Georgia tobacco documents corpus”

Betsy Barry (2008) “Data transformation: From theory to practice.”

Master’s theses

Holli Renee Chapman (2001) “Building discourse relations: The use of requests in a boys’ peer group”

Yeon Ju Kim (2001) “Partial access to Universal Grammar: Parameter setting in second language acquisition of native and non-native speakers of Korean”

Robert Allen Cloutier (2002) “Diachronic negation in English: A minimalist analysis with references to other languages”

Congzhou He (2004) “Computer-aided analysis of ketamine-influenced speech”

Yanli Ma (2004) “The accessibility hierarchy and the processing of English relative clauses by Chinese college students”


Major Professor at the University of Michigan

Honors thesis

Justin Wedes (2008) “Bare necessities: A quantitative study of bare nouns frequency in Cape Verdean Creole”

Committee member at the University of Michigan

Honors thesis

Lauren Friedman "The loss of Old English null expletive 'it'"