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Courses taught at the University of Georgia:

    Undergraduate courses

  • LING 3150: Undergraduate Generative Syntax
  • LING/ENGL 3030: Introduction to the English Language

   Graduate courses

  • LING 8150: Graduate Generative Syntax
  • LING 4710/6710: Languages in Contact
  • LING 8100/8080: Graduate Seminar on the Syntax of Creole Languages
  • LING 8160: Introduction to Minimalism
  • LING 8160: Advanced Generative Syntax: Syntax and Semantics of DPs
  • LING 8080: Graduate Seminar on Pidgins and Creoles
  • ANTH/LING 8880: Field Methods in Linguistics
  • LACS (ANTH) 4215/6215: Creole Languages and Cultures in the Caribbean

Courses taught at the University of Michigan:

Undergraduate courses

  • LING 394/CAAS 358: Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles
  • CAAS 394: Creole Languages and Cultures in the Caribbean

Split-level courses

  • LING 492-792: Syntax Seminar- On the syntax and semantics of NPs in Creole Languages

Courses taught at the Linguistic Summer Institute of America:

  • LING 495AA: Field Methods.  Co-taught with Bert Vaux at the Linguistic Summer Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, July 1999.
  • LSA.375: Theoretical and Applied Issues in the Study of Pidgins and Creoles. Team-taught with Hubert Devonish, Shelome Gooden, John McWhorter, Sarah Roberts, Ian E. Robertson, Suzanne Romaine, Jeff Siegel, Hazel Simmons-McDonald and Alicia Wassink. Linguistic Summer Institute, Stanford University, July 2007.