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Membership in the Polish Studies Association is open to any scholar, publisher, librarian, archivist, or journalist who is interested in the academic study of Poland, regardless of rank, affiliation, or discipline.  Undergraduate and graduate students are also encouraged to join.

The membership fee for each academic year is $20 (55 złoty or 14 euros), and additional donations are always appreciated.  Funds received after March 1 will be applied to the following year's dues.  You can pay with a credit card by clicking on this link:

 For those in the United States, you can also pay by mailing a check to:

 The Polish Studies Association

c/o Brian Porter-Szűcs

1029 Tisch Hall

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48109-1003


Aside from the satisfaction that comes from supporting Polish Studies, your donation gets you a listing in our directory, which we hope to develop into a comprehensive resource for our field. In addition, your donation allows us to continue several valuable initiatives, including:


· A stipend of $500 to help defray the costs to bring a Polish scholar to deliver a paper at the ASEEES Convention.

· A biennial prize of $500 for the best article in Polish studies published in a scholarly journal.


As the PSA continues to grow, we hope to launch additional projects. Among the ideas that have been suggested are a fellowship for North American graduate students who need to travel to Poland to carry out research; a fellowship for young Polish scholars that would allow them to spend a semester at a North American university; and a biennial conference in Polish studies funded in part or in full by the PSA. Obviously, all these ideas would require far more resources than we currently have, but we on the PSA board are working hard to identify donors who might make some of this possible. If you know of any potential donors, of if you happen to win the lottery, please contact baporter@umich.edu. The PSA is a registered non-profit organization, and donations could be tax deductible (depending on the laws in your country).