zip archive containing code files and documentation


The archive on this page contains the JAVA code for the Ethnocentrism model. The limited documentation for the code provided here assumes a familiarity with the ethnocentrism model, with the JAVA programming language, and with basic object-oriented programming concepts.

All materials in this archive are copyright (c) 2003, Robert Axelrod and Ross Hammond, unless otherwise noted. You are free to download these materials and use them without restriction.

We are making these materials available in the hope that this will aid in the understanding of our paper, and encourage others to investigate on their own. However, this webspace is intended as an archive, rather than an actively maintained site. In general, we will be unable to provide any help beyond what is already contained in these pages. You should consider all software and other materials in this archive to be unsupported and provided as-is. Also, we make no guarantee that this software is without bugs, or that it will compile or run on any particular platform. The authors will be probably be unable to respond to email questions, bug reports, or feature requests. We also cannot guarantee that the links to other resources on the Internet are current or working.

The code uses the ASCAPE framework for agent-based modeling developed at the Brookings Institution. Visit the ASCAPE page at the Brookings Institution here.



last updated July 17, 2003