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Note: The source code for the programs is in HTML format. To get a plain ASCII text copy of the code, you can either save the page as "text" (and strip off the extraneous text in the header and footer) or save as "source" or "HTML" and extract the text between the <pre> and </pre> tags.
Tribute Program Notes

For description of Axelrod's Tribute Program see:

Robert Axelrod, "A Model of the Emergence of New Poltical Actors," Santa Fe Inst. Working Paper 93-11-068, November 1993.

The source program is "almost" self-documenting once the paper is studied. The input parameters of a run are entered by changing the values of the constants at the head of the program.

The language is THINK Pascal for a Mac.

Robert Axelrod

Institute of Public Policy Studies

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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