Shorya Awtar's M.S. Research 

Mechatronics Research Group, RPI


Research in the Mechatronics Group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is led by Prof. Kevin Craig, and is primarily focused on industrial and educational mechatronic systems. Research projects for the industry generally comprise of  motion and vibration control in xerographic machines, high-speed document handling machines and other electromechanical systems. Educational projects carried out in the lab typically involve balancing (stabilization) of open-loop unstable systems, for example, ball-on-plate balancing system, inverted pendulum balancing systems, inverted pyramid balancing etc. I was associated with this group from 01/1999 to 08/2000. The following pages contain information on some of the projects that I worked on during this period.



Stepper Motor Motion Control

DC Motor (brush and brush-less) Motion Control

M.S. Thesis: Magnetic Coupling between DC Motor and Tachometer and its Effect on Motion Control

Mechatronic Design of a Ball-on-Plate Balancing System

Inverted Pendulum Systems: Rotary and Arm-Driven A Mechatronic System Design Case Study

Pitney-Bowes Paper Folding Machine: Mechanism Design

Boot-life Testing Machine: Mechanism Design





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