Inverted Pendulum Systems

Kevin C. Craig, Shorya Awtar et al.

Spring 1999 - Spring 2000





The inverted pendulum is a common mechatronics case-study, and is relevant in several interesting applications such as the Segway, iBot etc. This work involved the design, fabrication and testing of two inverted pendulum systems: rotational and arm-driven. We developed a single system that could be transformed from one configuration to the other, by simply replacing the links and changing the orientation of the base. This exercise was initiated as part of the Mechatronic System Design course project at Rensselaer. 

The following publications provide a detailed discussion of the project.

  • Craig K.C., Awtar S. et al., "Inverted Pendulum Systems: Rotary and Arm-driven, A Mechatronics System Design Case Study", Mechatronics, Vol.12, No.2, Feb 2002, 357-370


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