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News & Events - 2010

9/10/2010 Kyungchan successfully defended his PhD thesis on 9/10/2010 from 1:30-3pm in 2269 GGBL. Congratulations! To see the pictures, please go here
Title: Mass diffusion and chemical kinetic data for jet fuel surrogate
9/2/2010 Angela Violi is an investigator for the Clean Energy Research Center on Clean Vehicles in the U.S.-China Center of Excellence for vehicle fuel systems. She will be working on biofuels.

Kuang's paper (Intl. J. Heat and Fluid Flow 31, 2010) is listed as one the of top 10 most downloaded articles in the journal this year.
Yundi Lin presented his work for the Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE) program. Great Job!
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx_lJIykdXo

“Welcome to Adaleena Mookerjee - a new student in the MiMoSE lab”

Seung Hyun's recent paper (J. Chem. Phys. 132, 174502, 2010) is listed as one of the research highlights of the Journal of Chemical Physics.

Two new publications:
S. H. Chung, A. Violi “Nucleation of Fullerenes as a Model for Examining the Formation of Soot ”, Journal of Chemical Physics 132: 174502 (2010).
K. C. Lin, A. Violi “Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Nanofluid in a Vertical Cavity: Effects of Non-Uniform Particle Diameters and Temperature on Thermal Conductivity ”, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 31: 236-245 (2010).

“Welcome to Paolo Elvati - a new postdoc in the MiMoSE lab”