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North Atlantic Oscillation

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•“One of the most prominent teleconnection patterns in all seasons is the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) (Barnston and Livezey 1987). The NAO combines parts of the East-Atlantic and West Atlantic patterns originally identified by Wallace and Gutzler (1981) for the winter season.” (Climate Prediction Center (CPC))

•Positive Phase: below (above) normal heights and pressures across N. Atlantic (central N. Atlantic) (CPC)

•Negative Phase: pattern opposite positive phase (CPC)

•Both phases influence (1) the intensity and location of the North Atlantic jet stream and (2) zonal and meridional heat and moisture transport (CPC)


NAO diagram
NAP - "The NAO is the dominant mode of winter climate variability in the North Atlantic region ranging from central North America to Europe and much into Northern Asia. The NAO is a large scale seesaw in atmospheric mass between the subtropical high and the polar low. The corresponding index varies from year to year, but also exhibits a tendency to remain in one phase for intervals lasting several years."
                                                          source - http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/res/pi/NAO/