Talks About Progress In Representation Stability

Friday, September 17 at 1pm ET
Nicholas Proudfoot (University of Oregon)
Equivariant log concavity and representation stability

June Huh proved in 2012 that the Betti numbers of the complement of a complex hyperplane arrangement form a log concave sequence. But what if the arrangement has symmetries, and we regard the cohomology as a representation of the symmetry group? The motivating example is the braid arrangement, where the complement is the configuration space of n points in the plane, and the symmetric group acts by permuting the points. I will present an equivariant log concavity conjecture, and show that one can use representation stability to prove infinitely many cases of this conjecture for configuration spaces.

This talk is based on joint work with Jacob Matherne, Dane Miyata, and Eric Ramos.

Friday, October 8 at 1pm ET
Aida Maraj (University of Michgian)
Friday, October 29 at 12pm ET (note special time)
Arthur Bik (Max Planck)
Friday, November 19 at 1pm ET
Wee Liang Gan (UC Riverside)
Friday, December 10 at 1pm ET
Inna Entova-Aizenbud (Ben Gurion University)

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