I Am a Horse

I ride in a train
that's packed
in my compartment
every seat is occupied by a lady
with a man on her lap
the air is unbearably hot
it's a tropical atmosphere
all the passengers
have a gigantic appetite
they eat nonstop
suddenly the men begin to whine
they want to be breast-fed
they unbutton the women's bodices
and clutch their breasts
and feed on good fresh milk
only I do not suckle anyone
nor am I suckled by anyone
no one sits on my lap
and I don't sit on anyone's lap
for I am a horse
I sit up straight and big
with my hind legs
on the railroad train seat
and prop myself up comfortably
with my forelegs
I neigh loudly hnnnnn
on my chest the six buttons
of sex appeal shine
nicely aligned
like the shiny buttons of a uniform
oh the world is small
oh cherries are big

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