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Call for Papers


We invite both full length research submissions and shorter challenge/position papers. The papers must relate to research at the intersection of AI with security and privacy. Submissions should not be anonymized. Submissions are due by Nov 14, 2016 (midnight, Pacific time). The page length and format are as follows:

While we are open to any topic at the intersection of AI with security and privacy, in this second edition of the workshop our special focus is on the "industry applications of AI for cyber security".
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Machine learning approaches to make cyber systems secure
    • Natural language processing techniques
    • Anomaly/Threat detection techniques
    • Big Data Noise reduction techniques
    • Human behavioral modeling
  • Formal reasoning, with focus on human element, in cyber systems
  • Game Theoretic reasoning in cyber security
  • Economics of cyber security
  • Multi-agent interaction/agent based modeling in cyber systems
  • Modeling and simulation of cyber systems and system components
  • Decision making under uncertainty in cyber systems
  • Automated security aids for system administrators
  • Operational and commercial applications of AI for cyber security


Accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings