Raj Arunachalam

University of Michigan
    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
    Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center
    Core Faculty Associate, Center for South Asian Studies




"On the Heterogeneity of Dowry Motives" (with Trevon D. Logan), Journal of Population Economics, forthcoming  
"Is There Dowry Inflation in South Asia?" (with Trevon D. Logan),
Historical Methods, April-June 2014

"The Prostitute's Allure: The Returns to Beauty in Commercial Sex Work" (with Manisha Shah), BEJEAP, December 2012

"Compensated for Life: Sex Work and Disease Risk" (with Manisha Shah), Journal of Human Resources, Spring 2013

"Prostitutes and Brides?" (with Manisha Shah), American Economic Review P&P, May 2008

"Height, Income and Voting" (with Sara Watson)

"Stagnation of Transition?  Poverty Traps and the Dynamics of Household Income" (with Ajay Shenoy)

"The Price of Fertility: Marriage Markets and Family Planning in Bangladesh" (with Suresh Naidu)

"Does Islam Promote Authoritarianism?" (with Sara Watson)


Economics 461 -- Development Economics

Economics 496 -- Classical Theories of Political Economy

Economics 666 -- Political Economy of Development (PhD Course)

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