Copyright © Photography
and photo imaging by Craig Welch, 2002.
   All rights reserved.

Fading Light. Corel 9
Still photography building the image content to create a composition of
image and word for a film/video presentation.

Evening Prayer

Luminous humid air circles everyone,
everything, gleaming the cars and sidewalks,
hovering amid the fading light of evening,
heavy yet weightless, sorrow full of promise,
thanks and regrets for this day mingle with
hopes for tomorrow, for peace so near,
so far away.

A baby bird held in our hearts, cupped in our hands, fallen from its nest.
     We want so much
to reunite this bird with its mother, with its nest,
with peace, and yet we fear and dread our
failure, but continue to try,
as we must.

Roger Thomas Wehling
March 2003

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