Copyright © Photography
and photo imaging by Craig Welch, 2002.
   All rights reserved.

Salt Lake City at Night. Premiere 6.
Video echo.

Dream Catcher. Premiere 6.5.
Super 8mm film - K40 color reversal film telecined to VHS tape and digitized. In Premiere 6.5 the clip was exported as filmstrip format and Photoshop 5 was used to desaturate, colorize, and filter with diffuse glow.

To see a visual comparison of the look of Super 8 and video, I have placed an image with Super 8 and video frames on a separate page with a brief description of the use of both film and video in a project.

The short movie clip is in the WMV format and can be viewed using Internet Explorer and the Windows Medi Viewer version 6.4 or later.

Using still images and the image pan from the video effects palette, a family album is created with dynamic additions to the still photography.

Another example of using image pan to focus the viewer's attention
to detail in high resolution still images.

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