Notes on patterns on side "B" of the Phaistos Disk.

[patterns on side B]

Copyright (c) Craig Welch 1997. All rights reserved.

The pattern illustrated above, even with minor failings in the drawing, can easily be found. The dots represent four symbols that vary with each instance. The bird flies in a different direction in the first instance. The illustrated note is the second instance; the name or whatever it is shows the fleeces inverted in its final instance. All of this is too methodical to be chance. The meaning remains illusive but intent toward meaning seems evident.

The following sorting of the symbols of side "B" is by frequency of the final pictogram in each array of symbols. Sorting in this manner will group like endings together and will show duplicate "words" together. Notice the double and in one case triple occurrance of array patterns.

A beginning of some JavaScript to test phonetic values for the symbols on side "B". (This was constructed to enable substitutions for values. Only a beginning.

a1,c8 *
a1,c8 *
a1,d7 *
a1,d7,b2,a2 *
a7,e0,e1,a1 *
a7,e5,c9 *
b1,d9 *
b2,a7,e5,c7 *
b2,c6,d1 *
b2,e0,c4 *
b7,b8,a6,b2,a2,a8,e4,c7 *
b8,a1,d7,b2,a2 *
b8,c3,d7,c5,c7,a2 *
b8,c3,d7,c5,c7,a2 *
b9,b7,b8,a6 *
c1,d7,d5,c7,c7,b2,a2 *
c1,d7,d5,c7,c7,b2,a2 *
c3,d3 *
c6,d1,b2,a2 *
c6,d1,b2,a2 *
c6,d1,b2,a2 *
c7,b8,d2,b4,c7,b2,a2 *
d3,e0,a4,b2,a2 *
d4,e4,d4 *
d5,b9,e1,b2,a2 *
d5,c6,d1 *
d5,d7,c3 *
d8,a3,d9 *
d8,a3,d9 *
d8,c3,d2,b2,a2 *

I came across an interesting discussion of the decipherment of the disk. The author gave a detailed and fascinationg account of the meaning of the pictograms as individual hieroglyphs. With regard to this I will draw attention to the fact that while symbols themselves have meaning and context, it is through the use of streams of symbol arrays that we convey the meaning of the content. It is by the stream of the words of these sentences that I convey my content and not just the meaning of the individual letters. If I am unable to read a Swedish sentence, it does not follow that there is no meaning contained in the sentence; the meaning might be perfectly clear to a Swede. Even if I know the origin of the letter-symbols, I would still be in the dark as to the meaning of the sentence if I am unfamiliar with the symbol arrays we know to be Swedish syntax and vocabulary. It is analogous with the Phaistos Disk: if I knew the meaning of the individual hieroglyphic symbols but failed to understand the symbol arrays, I could well be in the dark as to the meaning of any language content that might be present. If I do not understand a language it does not follow that the language doesn't exist or that a knowledge of the meaning of the symbol units is to understand the language.

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