Copyright © Photography
and photo imaging by Craig Welch, 2000.
   All rights reserved.

My studio - number 1. Oil painting, 35mm transparency, 1978. Digital photography and image processing, 2001.
Copy photo of the curtains and window; digital photo and enlargement of the moon and enhancements.

To see a video with images from Photoshop instruction.

Try this if the streamed version is not available or the video does not play in the Windows Media Player. (Requires the Internet Explorer browser to display the media player 6.4)

To preview a video with images from a composition of phoptography and music.

A short scene from Muir Beach - a composition of phoptography and music. Compare this concept to the montage of the same scene, using Photoshop. By using this technique, a scene can be blocked out using still images. The advantage of not using film or video to do this is to convey the mood and total effect with a minimum of time and equipment. The scene can be thought out in the location and using only a still camera, a variety of images can be taken for the visual resource, and the idea can be developed with several variations in a few hours on the computer with very simple software. Only the ideas of the development themselves contain the complexity, not the work envvironment. I downloaded the images from the camera, recorded the piano and the saxophone and mixed them, placed the images in sequence after creating the various edits of the stills in Photopaint 9 and then a simple video editing program, all in a single evening after having made the pictures in the afternoon.

Visit the web of my long time friend Jimmy Winokur of Denver. He and I have collaborated on various creative projects related to graphics and sculpture (notably the sculpture of Justice at the University of Denver Law Library). I'm sure there are more projects out there in the future for Wax Wings Over Rio.

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