Lab Research

As both an evolutionary biologist and behavioral ecologist, my research program integrates molecular, field, and laboratory studies to answer research questions in three main areas: (1) character evolution, phylogenetics, and systematics (2) animal behavior and evolution, (3) the conservation and management of island endemics. I am especially interested in understanding the origin and stability of novel phenotypes in nature, utilizing interdisciplinary approaches that draw from ecological physiology, behavioral ecology, functional genomics, and macroevolutionary comparative analysis.

Although much of my work has involved reptiles and amphibians, my research interests span a broad range of taxa, including birds, plants, and invertebrates - and I encourage people with broad interests to explore them in my lab!

Please follow the links below to learn more about some of our ongoing projects.

Color polymorphism and the evolution of mimicry

The evolution of sociality

Conservation of

island endemics

Photo credit above: Tom Devitt