IRIS HOLMES, Ph.D. student (2014 - present)

Co-advised with Dan Rabosky

The ecology and evolution of squamate gut microbiomes

PETER CERDA, Ph.D. student (2016 - present)

Co-advised with Tom Duda

Toxin evolution across venom systems (Conus snails and New World snakes)

Current Lab Members

JOHN DAVID CURLIS, Ph.D. student (2018 - present)

Evolution of coloration in squamates

ALISON DAVIS RABOSKY, Assistant Professor (EEB) and Curator (UMMZ)

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TALIA MOORE, Postdoctoral researcher (2017- present)

The evolution and biomechanics of behavioral mimicry

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Evolutionary convergence of ecomorphological diversity in Dipsadine snakes

HAYLEY CROWELL, Ph.D. student (beginning Fall 2019)

Drivers of physiological adaptation and behavior in reptiles, especially trade-offs between coloration, predation, and thermoregulation

JENNA CROWE-RIDDELL, Postdoctoral researcher (beginning Summer 2019)

Genomics and morphological evolution in snakes

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TAYLOR WEST, Ph.D. student (beginning Fall 2019)