New paper on conservation genetics of Island Night Lizards in PLoS ONE

November 10, 2016

Historical environment is reflected in modern population genetics and biogeography of an island endemic lizard (Xantusia riversiana reticulata)

A big congratulations to Ph.D. student Iris Holmes for a new paper about her work on the populations structure, connectivity, and genetic diversity across San Clemente Island!  

We found that this population is reasonably genetically robust despite historical grazing, with similar effective population sizes and genetic diversity metrics across all sampling locations irrespective of habitat type and degree of degradation. However, we also found strong site-specific patterns of genetic variation and low genetic diversity compared to mainland congeners, warranting continued special management as an island endemic. We identify both high and low elevation areas that remain valuable repositories of genetic diversity and provide a case study for other low-dispersal coastal organisms in the face of future climate change.

Read our new paper here:


Xantusia riversiana on San Clemente Island, CA