Lab News Archive

       Finishing Masters student Imani Russell is awarded an NSF GRFP - huge congratulations, Imani!

     Our public exhibit museum (UM Museum of Natural History) is moving with us to the new Biological Sciences Building - watch the poignant Time to Evolve video here.

     Postdoc Talia Moore and I are featured speakers at the MCubed symposium! See our "TED-style" talk on snake robots - and coral snake mimicry - here.

     Former M.S. student Ivan Monagan writes guest post on his masters research for Anole Annals!

     Ph.D. student Iris Holmes and former undergrad Maggie Grundler co-first author a new paper on geographic variation in polymorphism in The American Naturalist [read more]

     NSF funds collaborative "oVert" grant to CT scan vertebrates! UM will scan thousands of specimens over the next 4 years - #ScanAllSnakes!

     Former M.S. student Ivan Monagan has a new paper on Anolis as biocontrol agents in coffee agroecosystems in Ecology and Evolution [read more]

     Ph.D. student Iris Holmes has a new paper on the conservation genetics of Island Night Lizards in PLoS ONE [read more]

     Former M.S. student Juan Busso has a new paper on jumping spider polymorphism in Animal Behaviour [read more]

October 1, 2017: Holmes and Grundler American Naturalist paper

January 30, 2017: Monagan Ecology & Evolution paper

November 10, 2016: Holmes PLoS ONE paper

August 30, 2016: Juan Busso's Animal Behaviour paper

May 6, 2016: Rackham International award for Iris Holmes

May 5, 2016: Nature Communications paper

April 1, 2016: Evolution paper

January 7, 2016: Peru

January 6, 2016: Revised website launch