Website redesign, Take 2

January 6, 2016

I'm again attempting to redesign my lab website.  Brief info and photos are now added to each person and my CV is updated. Please let me know if you find any bugs!

As a humorous retrospective, please enjoy the brief trek below through the (d)evolution of my academic website, in which I actually programmed sites of progressively decreasing (for me) complexity and relied progressively more on canned templates.

Beginning of grad school: 2002-2004

Mid to end of grad school: 2004-2008

Postdoc: 2009-2012

The early Michigan years: 2013-2015

The rollover, hyperlinked sitemap image of a Xantusia henshawi - which lit up in negative image coloration with mouse rollover - was my pride and joy on this website.

The hyperlinked buttons showed different rollover images, with reversed beveling so they looked depressed.  Loved this one, too!

Here, I learned how to do lightboxes for my research projects.

Lightboxes, fancy images, etc. had fallen by the wayside by this point.  At least I still had a photo gallery....