We are the Davis Rabosky Lab in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan.  Please explore the links above to learn more about who we are and what we do!  Please feel free to email me with any questions or inquiries about positions in the lab.

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     Our public exhibit museum (UM Museum of Natural History) is moving with us to the new Biological Sciences Building - watch the poignant Time to Evolve video here.

     Postdoc Talia Moore and I are featured speakers at the MCubed symposium! See our "TED-style" talk on snake robots - and coral snake mimicry - here.

     Former M.S. student Ivan Monagan writes guest post on his masters research for Anole Annals!

     Ph.D. student Iris Holmes and former undergrad Maggie Grundler co-first author a new paper on geographic variation in polymorphism in The American Naturalist [read more]

     NSF funds collaborative "oVert" grant to CT scan vertebrates! UM will scan thousands of specimens over the next 4 years - #ScanAllSnakes!

     Former M.S. student Ivan Monagan has a new paper on Anolis as biocontrol agents in coffee agroecosystems in Ecology and Evolution [read more]

     Ph.D. student Iris Holmes has a new paper on the conservation genetics of Island Night Lizards in PLoS ONE [read more]

     Former M.S. student Juan Busso has a new paper on jumping spider polymorphism in Animal Behaviour [read more]


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We study:

(1) character evolution and phylogenomics

(2) animal behavior and evolution

(3) conservation and management of island endemics

(4) ecology and evolution of reptiles and amphibians

The Davis Rabosky Lab had a successful field season in Peru (Nov-Dec 2017)!