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  Survey Research Center 
  Institute for Social Research 
  University of Michigan

  426 Thompson Street
  Ann Arbor, MI
  Zip Code: 48104-2321
  Tel-Fax:   +1 (734) 764 6932
  E-mail:     arafei {AT} umich {DOT} edu

▫ PhD student in Survey Methodology: University of Michigan (present)
▫ MSc in Survey Methodology: University of Michigan (2018)
▫ MSc in Biostatistics: Tehran University of Medical Sciences (2012)
▫ BSc in Statistics: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (2008)

▫ Design and Analysis of Complex Sample Surveys
▫ Calibrating Big Data for Population Inference
▫ Infectious Disease Modeling and Early Detection of Outbreaks
▫ Machine Learning and Clustering of High-Dimensional Data
▫ Finite Mixture Models especially Hidden Markov Model
▫ Bayesian Computation and Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling
▫ Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Survival Analysis
▫ Statistical Computing with R

I am honored to win the Allan L. McCutcheon Award for the best methodology paper in the 43rd conference of Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research in Chicago. Hereby, I would like to highly appreciate all support, motivation and exceptional apportinities I am provided by the Michigan Program in Survey Methodology. A list of award winners can be found here. (date: 11/17/18)

This year, I had the chance to participate in the Summar School on Modern Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology in Venice, Italy in June 5-9th, 2016. The main course I attended was the Statistical Methods for Population-based Cancer Survival Analysis by Prof. Paul Dickman and Prof. Paul Lambert, and I was very pleased with advance and high-quality contents of the course as well as the friendly atmosphere of the class. I also highly appreciate Prof. Zendehdel, who fully supported my travel and provided me with this great opportunity. During the course, I also got the opportunity to walk around Venice. I have taken some photos that you can view here. (date: 05/08/16)

Recently, Prof. Zendehdel and I traveled to Mumbai, India, to attend the 37th IACR conference, 2015. A brief report of my travel (in persian) is available on the National Cancer Registry Program website at following link. During the conference, We had also the chance to move around the Mumbai and visit its unique sightsees. You can view some of the photos I have taken in Mumbai here. (date: 14/10/15)

Cancer Research Center has organized a visiting program in April 26th by which two deligates of IARC, Prof. Freddie Bray and Prof. Rajesh Dikshit will travel to Iran to evaluate the infrastracture of Population-based Cancer Registry based on the International standards. Beside the program, a two-day workshop on population-based cancer registry will be held For the program officials and agents at provicial level. For more information about the workshop enrollment and timetable, please view our website at: registry.hbi.ir. (date: 12/04/15)

I have been invited to hold a two-day workshop on the "Statistical Analysis of Medical Data using R" in Jan 27-28th 2015 in collaboration with department of Biostatistics of Iran University of Medical Sciences. You can download the workshop schedule here. (date: 08/01/15)

Deputy for Research intends to hold a two-day national workshop on the "Design and Management of Disease Registries" for managers and officials of disease registries across the country. For more information about the workshop enrollment and timetable, please view our website at: registry.hbi.ir. (date: 05/01/15)

I have recently submitted two new manuscripts entitled: Oral Hygiene Status in a General Population of Iran, 2011: A Key Lifestyle Marker in Relation with Common Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases (as correspondent author) and A Warning Threshold for monitoring Tuberculosis Surveillance data using a Hidden Markov Model (as first author) to two ISI journals.(date: 02/10/14)

I was honored to meet Prof. Alan Lopez and Prof. Michelson in a two-hour meeting discussing the challenges and obstacles to the Death Registry Program in Tehran. To view the detailed news, please click here. (date: 27/09/14)

As a new experience, I have recently moved from Deputy for Health to Deputy for Research to start a new career working on the National Health Registries Program under Professor Zendehdel's supervision. (date: 06/07/14)

The twelfth Iranian Statistical Conference (ISC12) is going to be held from August 25 to 27, 2014 in Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran. Visit the conference website here.