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e-mail me at aquilla "at" umich.edu
Office: 317B West Hall
phone: (734) 615-1584
Mailbox: 3rd floor, near 303 West Hall

Angell Hall Problems
email astro-labs@umich.edu (your email from and reply-to fields must be in the form "uniqname"@umich.edu.
login and submit a ticket at http://request.umich.edu/astronomy/labs


List of all manuals and documentation available.

The Planetarium manual in MS Word or pdf format
The Observatory manual in MS Word, pdf OR red (nightvision) pdf format. The operator's exam is on the page before the index. Schedule an exam time


Schedules & training

Scheduling the planetarium and observatory

When you do the planetarium training, you'll get an invitation from the planetarium calendar. Save it as a contact, and you can request time by inviting it to an event. You can also email me. Please include the words "schedule planetarium" in the subject line for the fastest response.

The observatory is reserved for class use M - Th until 10 PM (11 PM Sp/Su) while classes are in session. SAS gets it Friday evenings until 10 PM EST, 11PM EDT, and midnight in Sp/Su. Groups should schedule it though the outreach program. Trained operators can use it after checking the class and outreach schedules (umich login required).


A training sign up email for the planetarium and 0.4-m goes about about 5 times per year to members of the department and SAS. If you need the links, please email me. To sign up to get the small 'scope and solar observing training, you can add yourself to the Small and solar 'scope training list in MCommunity, or fill out this form and I'll add or remove you from the list.

Anyone teaching an astronomy class who needs the facilities should be trained before the term starts.
Undergrads can get training if they meet the requirements (umich login required.)


Planetarium (Blue) and Shannon's availability (Orange)

Important you must be logged in to Google with your umich account and no other accouts to see my calendar. The planetarium calendar is public.

More Useful Stuff

Some things you might want to observe (list of objects by season)

My blog has some tips on observing, teaching, C8 maintenance, and occasionally, something that isn't astronomy. aquillam.wordpress.com

Outreach SSA logo


I am a Solar System Ambassador, a volunteer program run by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA to bring the information and excitement of space exploration to the public. I can bring presentations and activities about space exploration to your group or organization. Just contact me at the above email or phone number.

For more information about the program, or to see some of my past or upcoming events, visit http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/ssa/home.cfm

If you would like to schedule an event, please drop me an email.

Michigan Astronomy

The University of Michigan Department of Astronomy also has an outreach program. For more information, including links to our open houses and events, or to request a program, check out the website at http://lsa.umich.edu/astro/public-outreach.

A few more odds and ends...

Pictures that have nothing to do with work


Pictures related to amateur astronomy events


National Weather Service forecast for Ann Arbor (lots of historical data and interesting links)

NOAA hourly detail graph for Ann Arbor

Astronomical seeing Ann Arbor

clear sky clockClick for Ann Arbor, Michigan Forecast