Larry E. Antonuk - BME500 Seminar Series Talk

Title: Flat-Panel X-Ray Imager Architectures:
From Active Matrix to Active Pixel to Single Photon Counting

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2009, 3:30-4:30 PM
Place: White Auditorium - Rm G906, Cooley Building

The successful and widespread adoption of active matrix, flat panel imagers (AMFPIs) in numerous medical applications is the direct result of the many advantages of this technology. These advantages, which include compact detector boxes, real-time operation, radiation damage resistance and significant performance improvements over older, analog-based x-ray imaging technologies, are largely a result of the use of thin-film electronics based on amorphous silicon transistors and other devices. However, modern AMFPIs have definite limitations in terms of performance as well as mechanical and economic considerations. For that reason, considerable research efforts are underway to devise new technologies to overcome these limitations in the areas of megavoltage and diagnostic imaging. These efforts offer the promise of achieving the theoretical limits of performance, bounded only by the noise of the incident x-ray quanta, under all clinical conditions. Moreover, there are definite possibilities for the eventual development of large imagers that offer a mechanically flexible package or single photon-counting capabilities.

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