Our Favorite Playgrounds:

Maumee Bay State Park, Oregon, OH

This is one of the "home" flying fields of The Black Swamp Air Force and the site of the North Coast Stunt Kite Games. This playground gives us alot of fun options. The pond you see in the middle of the picture is the site of Terry's Frozen Thingy. The body of water all the way to the left is good ol' Lake Erie. There's quite a bit of space for buggying. Off to the left there are 3 large parking lots and more than a quarter-mile of sand beach. Remember RollerKiting? Plenty of room to skate. By the way, the rangers have a high tolerance level for kiters.

Sunset Point, Presque Isle Bay State Park, Erie, PA

Yes, home flying field of Lee Sedgwick and Sue Taft and other folks in Erie, PA. What a beach!!
Much AOXOMOXOA was found there.

Here's another shot of some Erie fun. It's just cold out!! There's lots of hard water around here.

Grand Haven State Park, Grand Haven, MI

Here's a view of the beach at Grand Haven at the end of a long day.

El Mirage Dry Lake, California

Here's Sam just before he powers up to buggy the lake bed with his Rev stack.
Powered up and off he goes to buggy El Mirage.
We guess this is a marker of where you need to go to check your shorts after buggying the lakebed for the first time with one of the Quadrifoil Competition Series kites. There's power in these kites that just doesn't quit. We guess that's why they are for Experienced Pilots ONLY. Really, this is just a sample of what happens when you leave your banners out for the night at a buggy event when there are people camped on the lakebed. Some kind soul will rearrange your stuff for you.