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	is required to avoid high contact velocities during valve closing
	and opening, i.e., to ensure soft landing. In our previous work we
	designed a tracking controller that consists of a constant preset
	voltage augmented by a voltage command based on a linear feedback
	and modified by an Iterative Learning Controller (ILC). The new results
	reported here involve the preset voltage in the learning process.
	This yields good results in the presence of unknown gas flow forces
	through the valves. As a consequence, a non-square learning algorithm
	is used to calculate more input values than available error values.
	We demonstrate the closed loop performance through simulations with
	an unknown acting gas flow force that emulates a realistic varying
	engine load},
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	attention recently due to their potential for improving the performance
	of the internal combustion engine. Various control schemes for the
	EVA have been proposed, however stability is often neglected due
	to the bounded motion of the EVA or proven based on a linearized
	plant model. Here, we demonstrate and prove that our controller renders
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	allowing for electronically controlled variable valve timing (VVT)
	on a new generation of engines. Before EMV actuators can be used
	in production vehicles two critical problems need to be resolved.
	First, impact velocities between the valve, valve seat, and the actuator
	itself need to be small to avoid excessive wear on the system and
	ensure acceptable levels of noise. Second, the opening and closing
	of the valve needs to be both fast and consistent to avoid collision
	with the piston and to reduce variability in trapped mass. This paper
	presents an observer based output feedback controller designed to
	achieve these goals. Theoretical analysis and experimental results
	of the controller are provided. The experimental results show a factor
	of six reduction in impact velocity and consistent and quick valve
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