Arabic 102: Elementary Modern Standard Arabic

Course Description

This is the second course of a two-term sequence in elementary Arabic. It is designed for non-concentrators and those who need Arabic to satisfy the language requirement. It provides an introduction to the phonology and script of Modern Standard Arabic and its basic vocabulary and fundamental structures. It offers combined training in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There will be a focus on simple interactive communicative tasks involving teacher-student, student-student, and group interactions. Reading and cultural skills are developed through simple short texts and situational dialogues. There will be daily written assignments involving supplying answers to certain drills and questions on reading comprehension passages, filling out forms, and writing short messages and paragraphs. Evaluation will be based on class participation, weekly achievement tests, monthly comprehensive tests, and a final exam. Regular use of the language laboratory or recorded tapes for home use is required to reinforce class work and also to do the recorded assignments. The class meets two times a week, Tuesday and Thursday.


  1. Elementary Modern Standard Arabic, Part I by Abboud et al. (Lessons 11-20)
  2. Supplementary Enrichment Vocabulary to accompany EMSA by R. Rammuny
  3. Standard Achievement Tests to accompany EMSA by R. Rammuny
Course Goals
Syllabus & Course Schedule
Answer keys and Assignments

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