Ananda Narayan

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About Me

I was a PhD candidate at Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) Department in University of Michigan, working with Prof. Satinder Singh. After 4 years, I quit my PhD to work on my startup, Jasmine. I try to keep this section and my Resume here up-to-date, and may be my LinkedIn would help introducing myself further.

Before starting my PhD, I graduated with B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras where I worked with Prof. Ravindran on Learning Theory applied to Bandit problems in Reinforcement Learning.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning & its applications
  • Reinforcement Learning & Probabilistic Inference
  • Computer Vision, Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence

Research Projects

  • Rapid Bandit Learning with Control on Sample Complexity & Regret [Machine Learning] [Master's Thesis]
  • Health Monitoring System, for Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest [Machine Learning] [First Prize] [Patent] [Media]
  • Google Artificial Intelligence Contest 2010 (World Rank 55, India Rank 1) [Machine Learning]
  • Fractional Moments on Bandit Problems, at IIT Madras [Reinforcement Learning] [Paper]
  • Illumination Invariant Object Recognition, at Qualcomm Corporate R&D, San Diego [Computer Vision] [Patent]
  • Feature Based Tracking, at University of Montreal [Computer Vision]
  • Thread Density Estimator, at IIT Madras [Computer Vision] [Report]
  • Global Routing & Statistical Static Timing Analysis, at Indian Institute of Science [Approximation Algorithms]

Technical Projects

  • Speed Detection using Optics, at IIT Madras [Patent] [Press]
  • 3D Reconstruction from (2D) images, at IIT Madras [Demo] [Computer Vision]
  • Robocon 2009, at IIT Madras [National Winners]
  • Digital Demodulation of FM Waves, at IIT Madras


  • Fractional Moments on Bandit Problems, Ananda Narayanan B, Ravindran B. [UAI 2011] [PDF]
  • Control of Sample Complexity and Regret in Bandits, Ananda Narayan, Ravindran B. Submitted for JMLR, 2011 [PDF]


  • Database Collection for Illumination Invariant Object Recognition, Ananda Narayan, A Swaminathan, P Baheti, M Chari and S Diaz. To be submitted for a US Patent, August 2010
    Affiliation: Qualcomm Corporate R&D
  • Multi Lane Bidirectional Non-invasive Speed Measurement using Optical Links, Ananda Narayan, Bharath L, Yogeshwar N, Giridhar K. To be submitted for an India Patent, August 2011
    Affiliation: IIT Madras


  • Gold Medalist, Indian National Physics Olympiad
  • Top 1%, Indian National Chemistry Olympiad
  • Top 1%, Indian National Mathematics Olympiad
  • Rank 8, CBSE Group Mathematics Olympiad
  • First, City Inter School Mathematics Olympiad