Rhetorical Activism and
United States Civil Rights Movements

English 319, Section 2
Fall 2001
Professor: Alisse Theodore
Email Address: alisse@umich.edu

Schedule of Assignments
***Revised October 15, 2001***
Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date listed.
Be sure to look at the course's online photogallery on days when "Photo/Bio" is noted.
Please note that this schedule of assignments is subject to change.
Changes will be announced in class and posted on the course website,
You are responsible for all changes announced in class.

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DateDayTopics for Discussion and Assignments Due
September 5WednesdayFirst day of class.
Welcome and introductions.
Declaration of Independence.
United States Constitution.
Douglass, "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?", 1852. Photo/Bio
September 10Monday Course Information, Schedule of Assignments.
"Declaration of Sentiments," Seneca Falls, 1848.
Stanton, Seneca Falls Address, 1848. Photo/Bio
Truth, "Ain't I a Woman?", 1851 (two versions). Photo/Bio
September 12Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
September 17Monday McKay, Remonstrating Against the Right of Suffrage, 1870.
Anthony, Address on the Charge of Illegal Voting, 1872. Photo/Bio
Cleveland, "Would Woman Suffrage Be Unwise?", 1905. Photo/Bio (link repaired on 9/16/01)
September 19Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
September 24Monday Terrell, "Progress of Colored Women," 1898. Photo/Bio
Shaw, "Fundamental Principle of a Republic," 1915. Photo/Bio
September 26Wednesday Discussion continues from Wednesday.
Have you stopped by to chat during office hours yet?
October 1Monday Visit Africana.com. Do a search for, and read about, the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Black Panthers, and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.
Kennedy, "To the American People on Civil Rights," 1963. Photo/Bio
Wallace, "Segregation Forever," 1963. Photo/Bio
October 3Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
October 8Monday King, "I Have a Dream," 1963. Photo/Bio
King, "Letter from Birmingham City Jail," 1963.
Malcolm X, "The Ballot or the Bullet," 1964. Photo/Bio
October 10Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
Mid-semester evaluation of the course.
October 15Monday SNCC, Black Power, 1966.
Carmichael, Black Power, 1966. Photo/Bio
Carmichael, Black Power, 1967.
King, Black Power, 1967.
October 17Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
October 22Monday Cleaver, "A Word to Students," 1968. Photo/Bio
Davis, "Get it Together," 1971. Photo/Bio
October 24Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
October 29Monday First exam.
October 31Wednesday Read the National Organization for Women's "Chronology of the Equal Rights Amendment 1923-1996".
Read the Eagle Forum's "A Short History of ERA".
National Council of Jewish Women, Statement in Opposition, 1970.
National Council of Catholic Women, Statement in Opposition, 1970.
Mainardi, "Politics of Housework," 1970.
Syfers, "Why I Want a Wife," 1971.
November 5Monday Chisholm, "The 51% Minority," 1970.
Beale, "Double Jeopardy," 1970.
November 7Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
November 12Monday Friedan, "An Open Letter to True Men," 1974. Photo/Bio
Falwell, "The Feminist Movement," 1980. Photo/Bio
November 14Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
November 19Monday ERA-America, Eagle Forum, and NOW, Letters of Appeal, 1982.
Look at the Eagle Forum and Now's websites, linked from the Organizations page.
See Schlafly Photo/Bio.
November 21Wednesday No class: Thanksgiving recess.
November 26Monday Shelley, "Gay is Good," 1970.
Milk, "The Hope Speech," 1978. Photo/Bio
Measure Nine, Oregon, 1992.
LaHaye, "One Man, One Woman," 1999. Photo/Bio
November 28Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
December 3Monday Lorde, "There is No Hierarchy of Oppressions," 1983. Photo/Bio
Liebman, Letter to William F. Buckley, Jr., 1990.
December 5Wednesday Discussion continues from Monday.
December 10Monday Steinem, "Words and Change," 1979/1982/1995. Photo/Bio
Wrap-up, review, and class evaluation.
December 12Wednesday Second Exam.

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